The Campaign For Families Fleeing The War In Ukraine
The Campaign For Families Fleeing The War In Ukraine

The need is urgent.

Your help is needed.

Imagine sending your child to school wearing a sticker to quickly identify their blood type in case of a bombing. Imagine your child being forced to ride on the outside of an enemy tank, to be used as a human shield. Imagine losing your friends, your partner, your children during an attack by a neighbouring country. Imagine your home being turned into a pile of rubble, flattened to the ground in an instant.

Imagine fleeing with your children and aging family members, while the able-bodied men stay behind to stand and fight for your country. Imagine having to run with what is left of your life with just the clothes on your back, not knowing if you will ever see your loved ones again.

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This is happening right now for millions of Ukrainians.

Ukrainians fleeing war will be coming to Canada, mainly women, children and the elderly. Hundreds of them will be coming to Southeast New Brunswick in the coming weeks and months. Some have already arrived over the past few days. They are here now and need our help. They arrive, for the most part, with no money, no food, the clothes on their backs, low language skills and no work. They need all of this and:

Housing Jobs Furnishings Childcare Transportation Legal assistance Medical care Language training More

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The Campaign For Families Fleeing The War In Ukraine